Art Chaos and the future of Houston Heat

art chaos


WARNING! This post contains numbers and statistical mumbo jumbo. If you hate math and all that it stands for (like this guy) then read on at your own discretion…


If you follow tournament paintball, then you have already heard about the migration of Houston Heat’s Russian trio to their hometown team Art Chaos. Players leaving and joining teams is not out of the norm for modern tournament paintball. What makes this situation interesting is that Houston Heat’s success as a paintball team can be attributed to these killers (Keyword “can). Don’t believe me? Lets let the stats do the talking as we breakdown these paintball mutants…

Konstantin Fedorov.

Fedorov played 217 points for Heat out of a possible 254. He is also the top killer in the league having 201 confirmed g’s*.  Go ahead and re-read that number. Now imagine 201 people. Got it? Now imagine those people covered head to toe in yellow paint. That is what K-Fed does ladies and gents. Hide your kids, hide yo wife, because he’s killing everybody up in here. Even if he is the master of wiping (check any Youtube video that has Fedorov in it and I guarantee you will see some major swipes) , you put him on the field for your team and he will crush all in front of him.


Sergey  Solnyshkov.

While not having as many g’s as K-Fed, big bad Sergey still managed to rack up a total of 119 kills while playing 208 points out of a possible 254 (See how often these guys get played??). From just looking at Sergey, you would think that he would have a hard time playing some of the smallest bunkers on the field given his height. However, in every game that I have seen where Heat was getting pressed against and he was on the field, Sergey literally melted his body into the bunker and laid waste to all that oppose Mother Russia.


Mikhail “Mishka” Knyazev

While not ranked as high as his counterparts, and not playing as many points (178 out of 254), Mishka has still managed to obtain the same number of recorded kills as Sergey (119 if your memory is bad). When working in tandem with his cohorts, Mishka is a guardian angel making the bad people go away.

With these three guys at the helm of Art Chaos, you can count on a stellar showing from the purple clad shooters from Russia. Will they repeat history and lead their team to three tournament wins plus a series championship? Only time will tell.

Now onto the second main talking point of this post and the question on many of your young minds: How will the loss of these all-stars effect Houston Heat?

Quote me on this; Houston Heat will continue to be a top performing team in the PSP*. Randall Smith (the team owner) has the resources to pull some serious players off of other pro teams. Not only that but the members left behind on Heat aren’t pushovers either. Chad George is arguably one of the best snake players in the sport, Ronnie Dizon still hasn’t reached his full paintball playing potential and will likely come out swinging during the 2014 season, Sam Monville and Jon Woodley are always solid, and Nick Slowiak has shown that he can pull off 4-on-1 situations against one of the most consistent teams in paintball history(Check out the Damage/Heat game at the Chicago Open on Some of them may be ranked low statistically, but with the loss of the Russians these guys can probably expect to be played more so than they were in 2012 and 2013 COMBINED, which opens up the opportunity to really show what they can do on the field.

So rest easy Heat fans, your team will continue to compete at the highest level of paintball. While their run as one of the most dominant teams might be ending, they will still be able to pull off clutch wins against some of the best and brightest that the PSP has to offer.



*g’s = A kill in paintball terms

*PSP = Paintball Sports Promotions. The largest and most well known tournament series in North America.

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